"I stay home when I’m not working. So I feel I live meaninglessly. I hate being alone yet I wanna be alone."(cr)

Fangirl game so strong: Taeyeon’s favorite actor becomes her fanboy

[TUTORIAL] How to Help TaeTiSeo Win on Music Shows

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I've never seen a person try to prove their relationship as much as Nichkhun does. It actually makes it more unbelievable in my eyes. It's not even remotely cute.


If I could make a video of me right now standing up to applaud you, I would.
But yeah, he’s a try-hard attention whore. He can’t even give an interview without mentioning her, it’s ridiculous. Unnie told me his bad image in Korea is irreversible…. No one gives one single shit about their so said relationship. The thing is with the international fans, they’re the ones being blind enough to give credit to this mess. But what can we do about it? It’s working, and this asshole is taking advantage of it, is taking advantage of TIFFANY. And that’s fucking unacceptable. And then people judge me for hating him. How am I supposed to not hate a stupid, ignorant, dirty guy who uses the name and the image of my biggest, ultimate and most loved idol like that???

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she’s my beautiful krystal jung




Oh wow…

The last pic

My dreams look a lot like this.

Sarcasm level: Taeyeon


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